Friday, November 16, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Presenter Anna Williamson Announces Upcoming Nick UK Project For Herself And Her Co-Host Jamie Rickers!

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland presenter Anna Williamson has announced the Nickelodeon UK News on her official Twitter profile page to Nickelodeon UK Fanblog NickUKHub that she (Anna) and her Nickelodeon UK co-host Jamie Rickers (Nickelodeon UK's "Camp Orange", "Jamie's & Anna's Big Weekend", "UPick Summer") will be part of an exciting programme for Nickelodeon UK project in 2013 as part of "2013 on Nickelodeon UK"!:
NickUKHub (@NickUKHub): Hi Anna! Any confirmed plans on you and Jamie returning to Nick? :D - Friday 16th November 2012
Anna Williamson (@annawilliamsTV): working on next year prob now - Friday 16th November 2012.
The show type and details of Anna Williamson and Jamie Rickers' latest Nickelodeon UK project are currently unknown, but it is speculated Anna Williamson and Jamie Rickers' latest Nick UK series could be the third brand new season of Nickelodeon UK's adventure reality show for best friends, "Camp Orange UK", "Camp Orange 2013", Nickelodeon's 'behind-the-scenes of House of Anubis' "Anubis Unlocked" series (for the premiere of the upcoming brand new third season of "House of Anubis" ("House of Anubis Season 3"), which expected to air on Nickelodeon UK during Spring 2013), in-vision live studio continuity links for a Nickelodeon UK programming block, and/or "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards 2013".