Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nicktoons UK Announces Plans To Premiere Brand New Episodes Of "The Penguins of Madagascar" From Tuesday 4th December 2012

According to the official Sky Media websites' 'Sky TV's Children's Television Highlights In December 2012' webpage, Nickelodeon UK has announced the Nickelodeon UK News that Nickelodeon UK's animation channel, Nicktoons UK and Ireland, will premiere and show more brand new episodes of the popular animated Nickelodeon series ("Nicktoon") "The Penguins of Madagascar" from Tuesday 4th December 2012 as part of NickToons UK's brand new programming block "Something New On Tuesdays" (also known as "SNOT"/"S.N.O.T.") and as part of "December on NickToons UK 2012":
The Penguins of Madagascar (New Eps)
From Tuesday 4 December

The Penguins of Madagascar tells the story of a group of penguins who believes it leads an elite strike force from its Central Park Zoo headquarters. While the brothers have their flippers full keeping their multi-species zoo neighborhood happy, at times their secret missions beckon them to venture out onto the busy streets of New York City.