Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nickelodeon And "Big Time Rush" Star Logan Henderson Hints That BTR May Release A Few Songs In Spanish In The Future

Nickelodeon has announced the Nickelodeon / Big Time Rush News in the 'Nickelodeon Stars' section of the (geo-locked) official Nickelodeon USA website,, that, while doing a interview through a live video stream hosted by Cambio, BTR boyband member Logan Henderson, who portrays the character 'Logan Mitchell' in the hit Nickelodeon original comedy series "Big Time Rush", announced that, although it won't be apart of their third musical album, the Nickelodeon Boy Band are hoping to release new songs in Spanish in the future, and hinted that Big Time Rush may be planning to also release a album featuring acoustic tracks sometime in the future:
BTR In Spanish?

The BTR boys have fans all over the world. And they heart their Rushers abroad so much, they may have a special surprise in the works! In a live stream hosted by Cambio, Logan Henderson sat down for a quick Q and A. And one of his answers brought great news to his foreign fans! Plus, it kinda made us want to brush up on our language skills...

In the interview, Logan revealed that Big Time Rush might be taking on a whole new language just to connect with their fans. After being asked if the third BTR album will include a song in Spanish, Logan replied, "I'm not so sure that the third album will have a song in Spanish, but we are planning on putting out some songs in Spanish and maybe even doing an acoustic album!"

Can you imagine Logan, Carlos, James and Kendall singing sweet serenades en Espanol? Sounds fantastico! But the guys may have to do a little bit of practicing first. "I need to work on brushing up my Spanish though, for sure," Logan admitted. Well, if Logan needs a tutor, we've got the perfect gal in mind...and she goes by the name of Dora [The Explorer]! :)