Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nickelodeon Italy Announces Plans To Premiere "It's A SpongeBob Christmas!" On Tuesday 25th December 2012

Nickelodeon Italy has announced in a article in the "Nickelodeon News" area on their official Nickelodeon website, (below; Italian to English translation provided by Google Translate) that, as part of their Yuletide schedules, Nickelodeon Italy (also known as Nickelodeon Italia), the Italian version of the popular children's channel, will premiere and show Nickelodeon's first full-length stop-motion animated special "It's A SpongeBob Christmas!", locally titled "Il Natale di Spongebob" (which translates as "Christmas Spongebob"), which is based on the mega-hit Nickelodeon Original animated series (Nicktoon) "SpongeBob SquarePants", on Tuesday 25th December 2012 (Christmas Day), as part of "Christmas on Nickelodeon 2012", as to celebrate, the official Nick Italia website has unveiled a special '2D-3D character transformation' photograph gallery and a behind-the-scenes video on how Nick's brand new SpongeBob special was made!:
Christmas Spongebob on Nickelodeon!

At Christmas you will see on Nickelodeon Spongebob like you've never seen. On December 25, at 14 and 21 airs Christmas Spongebob. For the first time in an episode of Spongebob becomes three-dimensional animated using the technique of stop-motion: watch the video with the special backstage! Entertainment is the same as always, the look is all new!

View the gallery of images with the transformation of all the characters in Bikini Bottom!

Plankton, who has many years Christmas has received only coal, invents a diabolical plan: to distribute sweets contaminated Malvagionium population, an element that makes bad people who eat it. His hope is that, once they are all bad, Santa Claus will consider the person to be better than Bikini Bottom and reward with the gift you've always wanted ... but to put a spoke in the wheels will once again our Spongebob ...

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Also, below is the original untranslated Nickelodeon News article from, the official website of Nickelodeon Italy (Nickelodeon Italia):

Il Natale di Spongebob su Nickelodeon!

A Natale su Nickelodeon vedrai Spongebob come non l'hai mai visto. Il 25 dicembre alle 14 e alle 21 va in onda Il Natale di Spongebob. Per la prima volta Spongebob diventa tridimensionale in un episodio animato con la tecnica della stop-motion: guarda il video col backstage dello speciale! Il divertimento è quello di sempre, il look è tutto nuovo!

Guarda la gallery di immagini con la trasformazione di tutti i personaggi di Bikini Bottom!

Plankton, che in tanti anni a Natale ha ricevuto solo carbone, inventa un piano diabolico: distribuirà alla popolazione dolci contaminati dal Malvagionium, un elemento che rende cattive le persone che lo mangiano. La sua speranza è che, una volta che saranno tutti cattivi, Babbo Natale lo considererà la persona più buona di Bikini Bottom e lo premierà col regalo che ha sempre a mettergli i bastoni fra le ruote sarà ancora una volta il nostro Spongebob…

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