Saturday, July 06, 2013

Nick Jr. UK Launches "Step by Step with Dora" To Help Preschoolers Towards Their Next Big First

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland's preschool channel, Nick Jr. UK and Ireland, has announced in a series of Tweets (posts) on their official Twitter profile page (@NickJrUK) that Nick Jr. UK and Eire has unveiled a brand new and exclusive area to their official "Dora the Explorer" show website called "Step by Step with Dora"!

Dora Step By Step is a all-new initiative and set of tools specially designed by Nick Junior to help preschoolers move towards their next big first. Whether it's taking their first holiday to learning to ride a bike, Nick Jr.'s megastar heroine will be right there with them along the way to encourage them! With Dora Step By Step, children are supported in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them to make sense of the world.

As part of their new Dora initiative, Nick Jnr. has unveiled a set of great downloads and printables. Divided into two categories - 'Lets Go!', which helps little one to discover, try, and explore new things in the big wide world out there, and 'I Can Do It!', which, as for a young child, there's nothing more exciting than doing something on their own for the first time, will have useful tips and resources for the major milestones in their life's, including for 'First day of school', and visiting the Doctors for the first time - and subcategories, parents can download and print great activity sheets and resources to help their preschoolers towards their next big first.

To launch with, parents and children can currently download tools from the 'Every Day Routines' sub-section, which features useful tips and activities to help little ones get used to their every day routines such as potty training and brushing their teeth, and has great selection of exclusive printables to download - a handy Bedtime Routine chart, a useful 'Brush with Dora' tooth brushing chart, and a great 'You Did It!' potty training trophy.

Nick Jr. has also unveiled a fantastic new web app called called 'Share The Moment', where pre-schoolers' can share their success of conquering key milestones by uploading their own photos to design their very own pictures using the apps' step-by-step wizard.

Nick Jr. will make available more resource sheets and activities to download in the coming months to help Jr.'s achieve more firsts, including gardening, camping, riding a bike, visiting the beach, going on a trip, getting their first pet, attending their first day at school, doing first homework, their first science class, birthdays, baking, party's, doing chores, attending sleepovers, and visiting the doctor.

Click here to visit Nick Jr. UK's official Step by Step with Dora website on today!

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