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NickToons USA To Debut "LBX" On Sunday 24th August 2014

UPDATE: NickToons USA will premiere the series on Sunday 24th August 2014 at 10:00am ET/PT!

Nickelodeon USA's animation and action channel, Nicktoons USA, has announced the exciting news on their all-new official "LBX" show website on nicktoons.nick.com that Nicktoons USA will start to premiere and show The "Little Battlers eXperience", also known as "LBX", an extremely popular Japanese television series and franchise, from August 2014!

The children's entertainment and media news website Kidscreen is reporting that NickToons USA will premiere the series on Sunday 24th August 2014 at 10:00am ET/PT! Additionally, Kidscreen also reports that in support of the upcoming premiere, the new series will be officially unveiled for the first time at Comic-Con International: San Diego and the property's merchandising program is timed to kick off at US retail stores this Fall (Autumn) and winter!

"LBX" follows fourteen-year-old Van Yamano, a boy who wanted an LBX robot more than anything else in the world, but his mother always refused. And then one day fate brought him his very own LBX named Achilles. A naturally gifted LBX player, Van soon finds himself battling to free his missing father from the clutches of an evil organization. But what Van doesn't know is that his LBX Achilles holds the key to the fate of the entire world. He will soon find himself caught in the midst of a vast conspiracy for global domination with the highest ranks of power. It's up to Van to defend the world from tyranny depending solely on his own unique abilities and his LBX robots.

Nicktoons USA's official "Little Battlers eXperience" webpage features a 'About' webpage featuring information about the anime series, a 'Meet The Characters' area featuring bios of each character in "LBX" - Van Yamano & Achilles, Amy Cohen & Kunoichi, Kaz Walker & Hunter, Hanz Gordon (and his gang) & LBX Destroyer, Gabe Lewis, Damon Osgood, Justin Kaido (AKA "Split Second Conqueror"), and Cillian Kaido - plus a flipbook photo gallery featuring pictures from the show, a exclusive online streaming video, and Nickelodeon's official message board/forum, where fans can talk about the upcoming Japanese animated series!

Bandai America recently unveiled their first line of "LBX" figures in their revolutionary new line of construction toys – highly detailed action figure model kits, SpruKits, at Toy Fair 2014.

LBX™ (a.k.a. "Little Battlers eXperience") is an animated television series and franchise based on small, but powerful, kid-controlled robots. In Japan, over 100 episodes have aired in a prime time programming block on TV Tokyo with major ratings success. As the Japanese program continues to explode in popularity, it has now being adapted by Dentsu Entertainment USA for broadcast in the Americas.

In this animation series, children in the year 2050 have miniature LBX robots, which they build, customize and play with during intense robot battles. Our young hero has control over the LBX model, a super-charged version left for him by a mysterious woman. Our hero and his friends, with their own unique robots, are now involved in a global conspiracy in which the robot battles have become deadly serious. The friends have joined together to fight for the very safety of the world.

Additionally, the Anime News Network (ANN) is reporting that the North American publisher Viz Media has announced that it has licensed Hideaki Fujii's "Little Battlers eXperience" ("Danbōru Senki") manga. Viz Media will release the first two volumes of the manga as part of its Perfect Square imprint on Tuesday 4th November 2014. "Little Battlers eXperience" ran in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic magazine for 26 chapters and six compiled volumes between 2011-2013.

Viz Media is also offering a preview of the manga for free at Diamond Comic Distributors' Halloween ComicFest on Saturday 25th October 2014. Those interested can go to a participating comic book retailer on that day to pick up the free preview.

Level-5 premiered the "Little Battlers eXperience" ("LBX") video games in 2011, eventually releasing six games on multiple platforms. The games inspired the manga, a line of toys, and three animated series.

Viz describes the story:
Welcome to the world of Little Battlers eXperience! In the near future, a boy named Van Yamano owns Achilles, a miniaturized robot made of a new super-strong industrial cardboard. But Achilles is no ordinary LBX. Hidden inside him is secret data that Van must keep out of the hands of evil at all costs!

Van Yamano loves Little Battlers eXperience, also known as LBXs, the hot toy of the future in present day 2050. And it's kind of cool that his dad invented them! But when the plane his dad is on goes down, everything goes wrong for Van. Until he starts getting hints that his dad may be still alive...and that a secret organization is coming after Van to procure the secrets that might be hidden inside his own LBX robot, Achilles!
Also, from Kidscreen:
Battle ready: LBX to storm Nicktoons on August 24

Santa Monica-based Dentsu Entertainment USA’s adaptation of hit Japanese animated kids series LBX (Little Battlers eXperience) is set to debut in the US on Nicktoons on August 24 at 10 a.m. ET.

In support of the upcoming premiere, the new series will be officially unveiled for the first time at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con and the property’s merchandising program is timed to kick off at US retail stores this fall and winter.

Produced in association with Rollman Entertainment, the 26-episode animated action series targeting boys is set in the year 2050 and follows the adventures of a young boy, Van, and his group of friends who are thrust into the increasingly dangerous world of robot battles with their customizable, miniature LBX robots.

The Japanese series, based on a role-playing video game, toy and manga franchise created by Level-5, currently airs on TV Tokyo where more than 100 episodes have broadcast on its prime time programming block since March 2011.

Dentsu Entertainment USA first announced it would adapt the series for the Americas in August 2011.

On the licensing front, toy partner Bandai America introduced the IP’s first line of construction toys—action figure model kits called SprüKits—at this year’s Toy Fair and Dentsu is on the lookout for additional L&M partners.

More information about the series (clips, trailers, pictures) can be found at Nicktoons.com.

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