Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nickelodeon Movies And Paramount Pictures Not Developing "Nicktoons" Movie

Animator Joe Murray, the creator of the classic Nickelodeon original animated series (Nicktoon) Rocko's Modern Life, has announced in a post on his official Facebook profile page,, that a Nickelodeon executive has assured him that Nickelodeon currently has no plans to make the much speculated NickToons movie.

It was previously reported that Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies had set Jared Hess to direct NickToons, however, Joe has also confirmed that, although Jared did pitch the feature film idea to Paramount, the studio rejected it.

NickToons was rumored to be a Nickelodeon-style take on the cartoon and live-action-blending film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and that it would be the beginning of a Nicktoons franchise.

Jared Hess was said to be going to write the movie with Jarusha Hess, his wife and writing partner on films including Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre, while Disruption Entertainment's Mary Parent, who in quick succession produced The Revenant, The SpongeBob Movie, Godzilla, Noah, Pacific Rim, the just-wrapped Monster Trucks and the currently shooting Kong: Skull Island, and Cale Boyter were going to produce the film.

The planned picture is said to be based on an idea by Ali Mendes, who works for Parent at Disruption Entertainment. Mendes grew up loving Nickelodeon's characters and hatched the idea to bring them together.

Signature Nickelodeon characters from the networks vast character library from the past 25 years that were reportedly going to be part of the film were Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Aaahh! Real Monsters, and The Angry Beavers.

Although there are no current plans for Nickelodeon to make a NickToons movie, you can step aboard Jimmy Neutron's rocket and travel around the Nicktoons studio lot here on NickALive!.

Original source: ToonZone Forums member GlassCake.
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