Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Confirms Plans To Premiere The Brand New "Big Time Rush" Movie, "Big Time Movie", In 2012

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland have announced and confirmed on their official Twitter profile page (@NickelodeonUK) that Nickelodeon UK will be premiering and showing the brand new original Nickelodeon TV movie, "Big Time Movie", which is based on the hit Nickelodeon series and Nickelodeon boy band "Big Time Rush", on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK later this year (2012) (transmission (TX) time to be confirmed by Nickelodeon UK):
Hey, does BigTimeMovie only premiere in America?
@NickelodeonUK: We have new BTR every Saturday in March & the movie later in 2012
Will Big Time Movie premiere this Summer?
@NickelodeonUK: Its coming this year, u'll hear here first when exactly! Its going to b amazing
#UKRUSHERS its coming in 2012! I'll keep you posted as soon as I have the date so keep ur eyes peeled-its going to be so good!
In the brand new "Big Time Rush" movie, "Big Time Movie", the BTR boys (Kendall Schmidt (Kendall Knight), James Maslow (James Diamond), Carlos Pena (Carlos Garcia), and Logan Henderson (Logan Mitchell)) must tap their inner spy as their adventure finds them driving exotic cars and jumping out of helicopters, while trying to make it to their first world tour concert on time. Hot on their trail are evil henchmen named Maxwell, British secret agents and Swedish spies as well as billionaire businessman, Sir Atticus Moon who wants back his precious device code named: "The Beetle," an anti-gravitational device with enormous power. Once they learn they're carrying this precious cargo, the guys get pulled into a madcap mission throughout London, UK, which threatens the onset of their world tour. With the help of teen spy Penny Lane, the guys set out to save Penny's father M16 Agent Simon Lane and stop Sir Atticus Moon's plot to use "The Beetle" to gain world domination. The "Big Time Rush" Movie, "Big Time Movie", is scheduled to premiere on Nickelodeon USA on Saturday 10th March 2012.

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