Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nickelodeon Star Kendall Schmidt Talks About What's Next For "Big Time Rush"; Hints Of A New BTR Movie

In a recent exclusive interview with the teen-entertainment magazine Popstar!, Nickelodeon Star and musician Kendall Schmidt, who plays Kendall Knight in the hit Nickelodeon musical comedy series "Big Time Rush", talked about what's next Big Time Rush!

In the interview, Kendall hints that, even though the shooting for BTR season four, speculated to be the final season of the popular sitcom, has wrapped, the BTR boys will keep on filming, and that Nickelodeon could also be planning to make a brand new second "Big Time Rush" movie in the future! Kendall also reveals in the interview that Nick still has the "Big Time Rush" studio sets in storage.

Kendall also talks about wrapping production on the fourth season of "Big Time Rush", the props and momentos he took from the set to remember the great time he had filming and making the show, Big Time Rush's current tour, "Summer Break Tour", and BTR's brand new album, "24/seven", which you can read below! A photograph of Popstar! Magazine's article featuring their exclusive interview with Kendall Schmidt has been provided by Twitter user @TheChris1775:
What's Next For BTR?

The guys may be on a Big Time Tour right now, but Kendall spilled some secrets about their last day on set - and what's next for the boys!

With Season 4 of the hit show complete, Rushers can't help but wonder what's next for James, Carlos, Kendall, and Logan. A four-season run is a huge success for any TV show, but now that the guys are getting older and pursuing different projects, everyone's wondering what their next move will be, As Carlos pursues his dream of directing and Kendall works on new music with his band Heffron Drive, fans are concerned that it might be the end:
But not to worry! "We're doing the tour and we have our album out," Kendall tells Popstar! exclusively. "It's all kind of happening right now, nothing is going away. Especially with this new album, who knows what song might just take off on its own."
Plus, Kendall spills on a big time rumour that Rushers are hoping becomes a reality! "I even heard that we're going to come back and do a movie or something, so we're going to keep filming," he spills. "They didn't get rid of the sets."

However, there are a few props from the set that are long gone! "There's this blue microphone," smiles Kendall. "We wrapped [filming] in the booth and there were all four of the mics and I just put it in my pocket. And then one of the gold records they had on the wall, I took the Boys in the Attic platinum record." But Kendall quickly learned that not everything you see on TV works in real life.

"I got to a rehearsal and plugged the mic in and it was a fake microphone," he explains. "I should have known the microphones would be fake too!"
All jokes aside, the last day of filming was an emotional one for the guys. "Carlos always gets sentimental first," he says. But things didn't get too sentimental because Kendall isn't ready to let go yet! "I'm still holding onto that its not over until somebody says it is, and the filming isn't over," he says. So what was it like on the last day of shooting season four? "We wrapped and the first person I went to was Scott obviously because he created the whole thing. I couldn't say much because if I talked at all I would have been choked up. Someone would be like, 'It was a great four years.' And I'd just be like, 'Yep' and that's all I could get out." Aww! With a huge tour and a hot new album, BTR is in no rush to say goodbye!