Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nickelodeon Australia And New Zealand Premiering Brand-New Episodes Of "T.U.F.F. Puppy"

SKY TV, New Zealand's main pay-television operator, is reporting the exciting Nickelodeon International news on the 'Kids and Family' area of their 'Television Highlights' webpage that Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand, the Australian and Kiwi version of the world's number one kids' channel, will be showing brand-new double episodes of Nickelodeon's hit action packed original animated series (Nicktoon) "T.U.F.F. Puppy" everyday from 3:00pm everyday this week (Monday 13th to Sunday 19th January 2014)!

Below is Nick Australia and New Zealand's full 'T.U.F.F. Puppy Premiere Week' line-up, including episode descriptions:

Monday 13th January 2014:


Barking Tall: Birdbrain steals T.U.F.F.'s latest invention: the Grow Faster Blaster and becomes a giant.

Bad Eggs: Dudley and Kitty go undercover at the hospital to find out who is stealing all the eggs.


Bark to Nature: Dudley is struck by lightning and discovers that he can see the future. He uses his new ability to catch criminals.

Mutts and Bolts: The agents go camping at Yellowbone Park, where Snaptrap happens to be stealing picnic baskets.

Tuesday 14th January 2014:


Carbon Copies: Dudley leaves the door open to the simulation station and his imagination becomes real.

T.U.F.F. Cookies: Dudley is picked to be the new "spokesdog" for Quacky's new line of cookies Animal Quackers.


Subliminal Criminal: Dudley takes Crime-etapp, a medicine scientifically designed to help understand the criminal mind.

Acting T.U.F.F.: Dudley's Movie Star hero, Woodchuck Norris, comes to T.U.F.F. to do research for his next blockbuster spy movie.

Wednesday 15th January 2014:


T.U.F.F. Sell: Snaptrap wins the lottery, and buys T.U.F.F. in an evil plan to fire all the agents.

Tattle Tale: FLOPP is tired of Dudley getting in the way of their evil plans so they decide to tattle on Dudley.


A Tale of Two Kitties: Kitty's evil twin sister, Katty Katswell, breaks out of prison and swaps places with Kitty at T.U.F.F.!

Pup in the Air: Birdbrain uses an anti-gravity device to fly, however, he cranks the device up so high that soon all of Petropolis is floating.

Thursday 16th January 2014:


True Spies: Kitty and Dudley accidentally drink Keswick's truth syrup and can't stop telling the truth!

Bagel and the Beast: Petropolis is convinced that Bigfoot is a burglar, so Dudley sets out to clear his childhood hero's name.


Mud with Power: After realising that he's not in charge of anything, Dudley orders a packet of Mudbuglets to take care of.

Legal Beagle: T.U.F.F. discovers a book of laws written by Daniel Boone Looney and must obey them no matter how crazy the laws are.

Friday 17th January 2014:


The Spelling Bee: The Wannabee snatches all the kids at the spelling bee and challenges Dudley to a spelling competition.

House Broken: While T.U.F.F. is away travelling, Snaptrap breaks into Keswick's house to steal his latest invention, the head shrinker.


Dancin' Machine: Dudley teams up with the Chameleon for Petropolis' dancing competition.

The Good, The Bad and The Quacky: Quacky and the Sharing Moose stage a fake reality show and invite T.U.F.F. to compete against DOOM, live on the show.

Saturday 18th January 2014:


Pup Goes The Weasel: The Weasel, a super diabolical criminal, has broken out of prison and is after Dudley and Snaptrap.

Puppy Pause: Dudley finds gloves that stop time. Snaptrap steals them and T.U.F.F. must get them back before time stops forever.


Sheep Dog: Dudley goes undercover as a lady sheep to catch the Chameleon who's been "fleecing" sheep out of their money.

Mom's Away: T.U.F.F. gets intel that Snaptrap has taken all the mums!

Sunday 19th January 2014:


Crime Takes a Holiday: The Chameleon disguises himself as the Easter Bunny and goes on a crime spree in Petropolis.

Flower Power: Birdbrain finds a rare flower that makes him indestructible. Dudley and Kitty go to the rainforest to stop him.
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