Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nickelodeon South East Asia To Premiere New Anime "Future Card Buddyfight" in February 2014

Nickelodeon South East Asia has announced in the news slider on the homepage on their official website,, the exciting Nickelodeon International News that Nick SEA will start to show the brand-new Japanese anime [Japanese animation] television series "Future Card Buddyfight" in February 2014!:

Nickelodeon Philippines will debut the all-new TV show "Future Card Buddyfight" on Sunday 2nd February 2014, with Nickelodeon Singapore & Nickelodeon Malaysia starting to air the series from Sunday 16th February 2014. Each new episode will air at 11:30am, with repeats on Sunday's at 4pm and the following Saturday at 11:30am.

To celebrate Nick SEA starting to broadcast "Future Card Buddyfight", the networks official website has unveiled their brand-new official show webpage, which features show information and bios for each character in the series - Gao Mikado, Tasuku Ryuenji, Baku Omori, Kuguru Uki, Noboru Kodo, Paruko Nanana, Tetsuya Kurodake, Hanako Mikado, Drum Bunker Dragon (Drum), Jackknife Dragon (Jack), Demon Lord, and Asmodai.

In "Future Card Buddyfight", based on the popular trading card game (TGC) of the same name, it is the year 2030, and the stage is the capital of Japan, Chou-Tokyo.

Through "Buddyfight", humans have started cultural interactions with residents from other worlds called "Affinity Dimensions". Buddyfight is a game with selected humans as the "Buddyfighter", and residents from the other world as the partner (known as "Buddy Monster").

Gao Mikado, the main character of the story, is a student at Aibo Academy. Drum Bunker Dragon Fang Slade Terrestrial the 13th is an Armor dragon of Dragon World. With the power of a card game which connects both worlds, Buddyfight, the pair meet for the first time.

"Future Card Buddyfight" is the story of their journey, and the deep bonds they forge with each other, as well as the various friends they meet along the way!
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