Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nickelodeon's October + Halloween 2018 Continuity: Global Edition

Check out a super selection of Nickelodeon Halloween presentation (including idents, bumpers, trailers and BUGs/DOGs) from Nickelodeon channels around the world!:

Nickelodeon USA

Nickelodeon HD US Halloween Advert 2019 HallowScream Longer Version

Nick HD HallowScream 2019 Longer Version

Nicktoons HD US Halloween Idents 2019

Nickelodeon HD Halloween Idents 2019

Nick Jr. HD US Halloween Idents #1 2019

Nick Jr HD Halloween Bumpers 2019 - Part 1

Nick Jr HD US Halloween Adverts 2019

Halloween on Nick Jr HD US 2019

Nickelodeon HD US SpongeBob Scarepants Halloween Advert 2019

Spongebob Scarepants - Halloween Special 2019 - Nickelodeon HD US

Nick Jr HD US Halloween Paw Patrol Advert 2019

Paw Patrol Halloween Special Advert 2019 Nick Jr HD US

Nickelodeon HD US Halloween Continuity and Idents 2019

Nick HD US Halloween Continuity and Bumpers ( edit ) 2019

Nickelodeon HD US Halloween Idents 2019

Nick HD US Halloween Bumpers

TeenNick HD US Halloween Idents 2019

Teen Nick HD US Halloween Bumpers 2019

Nickelodeon HD US Halloween Idents 2019 #2

Nick HD US Halloween Bumpers - Part 2

Nickelodeon HD US HallowScream Advert - Halloween 2019

Hallow-Scream on Nick HD US Halloween 2019

Nickelodeon HD US Halloween Advert 2019 Loud House / Casagrandes Hallow-Scream

Loud House and Casagrandes Halloween Specials 2019 Hallow Scream

Nickelodeon International

Nickelodeon HD UK Halloween Advert 2018 Shocktober

Nick HD UK Shocktober 2019

Nickelodeon Asia Halloween Advert 2019 ( ENG )

Nick Asia Spooky Town Halloween Advert 2019

Nicktoons UK Halloween Advert 2019 Horrid Halfterm

Halloween on NickToons UK 2019

Nickelodeon HD UK Short Halloween Advert 2019 Shocktober

Shocktober on Nick HD UK 2019

Nick Jr UK. Monster Party Halloween Advert 2019

Nick Jr Halloween 2019

SpongeBob Halloween Special Advert on Nick HD Spain ( ENG )

Nickelodeon HD Spain Halloween Advert 2019 - SpongeBob Halloween Special

Nickelodeon Latin America HD Halloween Advert and Ident 2019

Nickelodeon Latinoamerica ( Colombia ) Halloween 2019

Nick Asia Halloween Idents 2019 Spooky Town ( ENG )

Spooky Town on Nickelodeon Asia 2019

Nickelodeon Italy Halloween Continuity and Ident 2019

Nick Italia Halloween 2019

Nickelodeon Germany Halloween Advert 2019

Nick Deutschland Halloween Party 2019

Nickelodeon Teen France Halloween Advert 2019

Nick Teen France Halloween 2019

Nick Jr UK Halloween Bumpers 2019 Monster Party

Nick Junior UK Halloween - Monster Party Bumpers 2019

Nickelodeon HD UK Halloween Continuity and Idents 2019 Shocktober

Nick HD UK Halloween Shocktober 2019

Nicktoons UK Halloween Idents 2019

Nicktoons UK Halloween Bumpers 2019

Nickelodeon Russia Halloween Adverts and Ident 2019

Nick Russia Halloween 2019

Nickelodeon CEE Halloween Advert 2019

Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe Halloween Advert 2019

Bob e Loud em Modo Halloween (Promo) | Nickelodeon Brasil

Nickelodeon HD France Halloween Adverts and Idents 2019

Nickelodeon FR HD Halloween 2019

Nicktoons HD CE Halloween Advert 2019 Hungary

Nicktoons HD Central Europe ( Hungary ) Halloween Advert 2019

Nickelodeon Poland Halloween Advert 2019

Nickelodeon Polska Halloween 2019

SpongeBobs Halloween Party 🎃 (Promo) | Schweiz | Oct. 2019

SpongeBobs Halloween Party 🎃 (Promo) | Deutschland | Oct. 2019

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Originally published: Tuesday, October 01, 2019.
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