Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Nickelodeon Properties Become Firm Favourites In Europe

Kids Platforms and Channels Benefit from Strong Shows

During the first half of 2022, beloved kids’ shows are being revived by successful reboots and spin-offs. Programs extend from platforms to TV channels and also explore the audio environment with podcasts inspired by TV series and vice-versa. In terms of contents, trends reinforce and fine-tune existing topics.

Médiamétrie’s international department Glance analyses the kids’ shows market at MIPJunior and reveals global content trends, the Radio & Television Business Report reports.

Reboots and spin-offs propel themselves up to top new shows

Since the beginning of 2022, younger viewers have continued giving a warm welcome to reboots of well-known IPs. The Smurfs (Peyo Productions / Ellipse Animation) and Nicholas’ Fantastic Summer (Media Valley) illustrate this trend. Successfully launched in France and the UK in 2021, The Smurfs made a brilliant start with pre-schoolers in Germany and Italy in 2022. The new series on Nicholas’ adventures was M6 Kids 3rd best program among 4 to 10 year-olds. A reboot of the Teletubbies (WildBrain) is due on Netflix next November.

Taking advantage of strong IPs and characters, content producers also launched spin-offs, which significantly appealed to children. The Patrick Star Show (Nickelodeon Animation Studio) – a spin-off from Nickelodeon's beloved animated series SpongeBob SquarePants – ranked first among children on Nickelodeon in Germany and Super! in Italy. In the UK, Star Trek: Prodigy (Nickelodeon Animation Studio) – the first children-oriented spin-off from the iconic Star Trek franchise – ranked third among 4 to 15 year old viewers on Nickelodeon. In this country The Boss Baby: Back in Crib (Dreamworks Animation Television) ranked second best new series on Netflix.

“Several spin-offs feature younger versions of the initial title’s characters such as We Baby Bears, Oggy Oggy, Kamp Koral, Spidey and his amazing friends.” Candice Alessandra, Client & Research Manager at Glance.

Glance has identified several trends in children’s programs over the past 6 months.

Make it younger: formats initially aimed at adults have been adapted for younger viewers: they can feature adventures, cooking, and even crime. The Dutch programme Rachel Valt Binnen (EO) relates police investigations in a way adapted to a younger audience. Broadcast in February 2022, it was a real success and multiplied the slot’s audience share by 2.5 among the 6 to 12.

Nature and scientific experiments: pedagogical and fun programmes propose a renewed approach to scientific facts. There is also increased interest for nature like for example in Anna Auf Dem Bauern Hof or Welcome to Permacity (Millimages – in development), where nature enters the city to raise awareness on environment, sustainability, recycling, etc.

Fantasy and adventures still are a good recipe for success: the Turkish animated series Sagun (Animistik Stüdyo) mixes codes of the past with Fantasy while the sci-fi Israeli live action series Infinity (Storiez) is focused on the future. Sagun increased the audience share of its slot by 47% in 5-to-11-year-olds.

Programmes promote new role models and diversity. Superheltskolen (Seefood TV) features ordinary kids as imperfect superheroes.  It is a Norwegian live action in the cartoon slapstick tradition. The same for strong girls (Marvel’s Moongirl & Evil Dinosaur) who can fail in their plans, with humour.

Circulation of content between video, audio platforms and broadcasters

Candice Alessandra analyses: "We observe growing osmosis between platforms and linear TV, as programmes circulate between them. A more recent trend is the boom of audio content linked to audiovisual.”

Launched on Netflix in 2021, the pre-school series Oggy Oggy (Xilam Animation) launched on Linear TV in the UK (Channel 5), and Italy (Frisbee) this month. The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Cocomelon and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous all premiered on platforms and were successfully transfered to TV channels in several European countries.

The public’s growing appetite for audio content inspires broadcasters and platforms: Netflix released its first podcast in January 2022 Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr., Sensical offered a podcast based on PBS Kids IPs such as Molly of Denali and Pinkalicious & Peterrific. Amazon’s podcast studio Wondery also launched early this year its kid version with original audio content such as The Adventures of Cairo.

A few audio streaming services have directly dealt with producers to adapt their IP’s to their catalogue. The kids’ audio-streaming service Pinna launched an audio series Dinosaur Train: Ride along Adventures, while Spotify launched Cocomelon Story Time.

Finally, podcasts also inspire TV series: Maddie + Triggs (Turnip + Duck) – an Irish pre-school animated series – is based on a previous podcast. The kids podcast company Wonkybot also works on the adaptation of its Tara Tremendous series to a film and later TV series.

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