Monday, May 20, 2013

Photos From Behind-The-Scenes Of "House Of Anubis" Season 3, "The Reawakening"

To celebrate Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand premiering and showing brand new episodes of season three of Nickelodeon's hit mystery drama series "House Of Anubis", called "The Reawakening", weekdays at 5.30pm, and the shows behind-the-scenes companion series "Anubis Unlocked" Friday's at 6.30pm, Nick AU & NZ has unveiled a set of exclusive photographs on the Australian and Kiwi version of the popular kids channels' official Facebook profile page,, that take SIBUNA fans behind-the-scenes to see how "House Of Anubis" season 3 was made, which you can view below here on NickALive!:

A camera filming Nickelodeon Star Alexandra Shipp, who portrays Kara Tatiana (also known as KT Rush), in the lobby studio set of Anubis House.

Nick Star Burkely Duffield, who plays Eddie Miller, AKA Edison Sweet, behind the scenes of "House Of Anubis".

Burkely on a monitor.

SIBUNA's forever! House of Anubis stars Alex Sawyer (Alfie Lewis) and Burkely Duffield (Eddie Miller) in Nickelodeon Productions' House of Anubis greenroom.

Behind-the-scenes of House of Anubis' school hallway studio set.

Nickelodeon Star Tasie Lawrence, who portrays Mara Jaffray, standing in the kitchen set of Anubis House, in front of the stove (cooker) which leads down to the cellar.

Tasie Lawrence (Mara Jaffray) on a studio monitor, behind the scenes of House of Anubis.

The 'Dream Sleep' sign in a bedroom set of House of Anubis.