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November 2019 on Nickelodeon Africa: Rise of the TMNT | LEGO City Adventures | ALVINNN!!! S4 + More

Below is a round-up of Nickelodeon Africa's programming highlights for November 2019!

October 2019 on: Nickelodeon Africa | Nick Jr. Africa | Nicktoons Africa

November 2019 on: Nick Jr. Africa | Nicktoons Africa

November 2019 on Nickelodeon Africa:

New Episodes: #101-#110 | Half hours
Premieres: Monday 25th November 2019
Airs: Weekends at 15:55 & 20:00 CAT until Thursday 19th December 2019

"LEGO City Adventures" a character-driven series, presenting funny, smart, kinetic slices of city life that explore the hopes, dreams, and misadventures of an ever-expanding community of unique characters where a nefarious plot by an unknown criminal mastermind threatens to not only jeopardize the city but possibly destroy it altogether. This rollercoaster ride of inspiring fun, irreverent humour and exhilarating action make LEGO City Adventures a boundless urban series of unorthodox silliness, where the only limits are imagination."

[More Info about LEGO City Adventures]

New Episodes: 407-413| Half carts
Airing: Weekdays at 09:10 & 15:30 CAT between Monday 4th - Thursday 21st November 2019

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are brothers. They’re normal school kids ... who happen to also be internationally famous rock stars. And did we mention they’re chipmunks? Dave, who looks after them and writes songs for their band, has his hands full trying to keep Alvin’s mischievous streak in check. The Chipmunks may drive Dave bonkers sometimes, but when all is said and done, they’re all one big happy family most of the time! Come along for the ride as The Chipmunks find themselves in some crazy day to day situations, with their friends The Chipettes sisters Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor joining in the fun.

New Episodes (including season 2): #121-#126, #201 | Half hours
Airing: Sundays at 13:55 & 19:40 CAT between Sunday 17th November - Sunday 29th December 2019

Rise up! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back as New York’s heroes in a half shell and this time, they’ve got awesome new powers and are funny as shell! Join the legendary brothers Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey as these ninjas in training master new weapons and powers, battle absurd mutants, and discover a Hidden City beneath New York… while always finding time for a slice of their favourite pizza and a whole bunch of LOLz. Cowabunga

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