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Nickelodeon USA To Premiere Brand New Magical Series "Every Witch Way" On Wednesday 1st January 2014

A magical event is coming to Nickelodeon USA, and it's only here for one month! Nickelodeon, the number-one entertainment brand for kids and families, has announced on their all-new official "Every Witch Way" website on the exciting Nickelodeon News that Nick USA will start to premiere and show the networks brand new fantasy television series "Every Witch Way" (40 episodes X 30:00 minutes), which is based on Nickelodeon Latin America's "Grachi", every weeknight starting from Wednesday 1st January 2014 (New Years Day)!

"Every Witch Way" is about Emma Alonso, a teenage girl has to deal with moving to a new town, growing up and falling in love... all while realizing that she's a witch with magical powers. Emma Alonso the new girl at Iridium High, who's found out that she has secret powers as a witch. The show follows Emma trying to juggle making brand new friends whilst learning to control her witch powers! However, Emma soon finds out she's not the only magical one in school...

Emma, nicknamed the Glitter Queen, might be new to Iridium High, but she's already turning heads. And that's not just because she accidentally turned her best friend into a goat... oops. She's bubbly, trusting and wants to use her new witch powers responsibly. That is, when she can control them. Emma's favorite quote is "There's a little bit of magic in everyone!", and is a fan of glitter, tulips and smiles.

"Every Witch Way" also follows:

Maddie Van Pelt - When Maddie "Queen B" Van Pelt walks by, people shiver in fear! She's the scariest, most popular girl in school. As the leader of the Panthers, she's not afraid to fight for what she wants... Daniel included. Her powers have been passed down from generations so she's NOT giving up her spot as top witch to some new girl in town. GAME ON! Maddie's favourite quote is "Panthers rule the school", and is a fan of shoes, cheerleading and Daniel, whilst she hates everyone. And arugula.

Daniel Miller - Daniel Miller is an all star at Iridium High. He's smart, sporty and popular. But he's still humble! He's totally against cheating and yes, magic counts as cheating. Even though tons of girls are fighting for his attention, he's crushing on someone new... Daniel's nickname is Most Valuable Player (MVP), favorite quote is "Cheaters never win". Daniel also likes sports, logic and singing, and hates lying, bullies and losing.

Andi Cruz - It's pretty obvious that Andi "Tank Girl" Cruz is fearless. She's the only girl member of the Sharks! She's Emma's BFF and the ultimate tomboy. She gets straight A's in sarcasm, but deep down she admires Emma's positive attitude. Andi is just your average girl. Until she finds out her best friend is a witch, that is. Andi's favorite quote is "It's cool to be different". She also likes Zombies, sharks, more zombies, and hates: Homework, darkness and pink.

Tony Myers (portrayed by actor Kendall Ryan Sanders) - Tony Myers isn't just a member of the Sharks. He's also a mathlete and an amateur magician. Once he pulled a potato out of a hat instead of a rabbit, but that's beside the point. He's a great pal to Emma, but secretly, he has a major crush on her. Don't tell! Tony's nickname is Criss Angel Wannabe. His favorite quote is "Abracadabro! That's not right... Abracadabra!". He also likes math and street magic hates snow days, no homework and arugula.

Diego Rueda - Diego Rueda is the only boy at Iridium High with special powers. He's a "Churi Kanay" or "the Son of Fire". This means he can control the elements! Figuring out how to fit in while making fire with his hands? Now that's tough. Diego's favorite quote is "A loyal friend is a true friend", and he likes cleaning, condiments and looking awesome, and he hates studying, dirt and unseasoned food.

Mac Davis (played by actor Mavrick Moreno) - Mac Davis is the smelliest member of the Sharks. Hey, who needs a shower when you're on the swim team? Mac is super energetic and loves to live life in the spotlight. That's probably why Diego picked him as his best bud! Mac's nickname is Soap-A-Phobic, his favorite quote is "Let's go Sharks!, he likes the Sharks, aardvarks and seafood, and hates: Soap, shampoo and arugula.

"Miss Information" - If someone is hiding a secret, Gigi Rueda will sniff it out! She's the queen of gossip and posts all she knows on her blog, "Miss Information", AKA the most read blog at Iridium High. It's pretty easy to keep the news coming, too. Weird stuff happens at this school. Lots of weird stuff. Gigi's favorite quote is "You'll NEVER guess what I just heard". She likes information, smart phones and paparazzi, and hates gossip. And arugula.

Sophie Johnson - Sophie Johnson may say silly things sometimes, but that doesn't mean she can't be one of the Panthers! In fact, she fits right in. When she's not following Maddie's lead 24/7, she's marching to the beat of her own tone-deaf drummer. Sophie's nickname is Dreamer Panther, favorite quote is ".....". Sophie also whatever Maddie said, and hates... what?

Katie Rice (portrayed by actress Denisea Wilson) - She may act clueless, but in reality, Katie Rice is one of the smartest girls in school. That's probably why she's so great at being Maddie's number two. She always keeps the Panthers in check, but secretly she dreams of leading one day. Just don't tell Maddie. Katie's nickname is "Second in Command" and her favorite quote is "I love clothes". Katie likes school, Panthers and pretending, and hates not being the head Panther.

"Every Witch Way" also stars actor Jason Drucker.

To celebrate the world premiere of "Every Witch Way" on Nickelodeon USA, has unveiled the networks official "Every Witch Way" show website,, which features profiles on each character in the show, exclusive sneak peek preview online streaming video clips, show information, a message board/forum, and Andi's Iridium High Rulebook photo album!

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