Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Behind-The-Scenes Of The "Harvey Beaks" Episode "Foo's Panic Room"

Go deep behind-the-scenes of Nickelodeon's popular original animated buddy comedy series (Nicktoon) "Harvey Beaks" and marvel at how much work goes into every episode the Nickelodeon Animation Studio make! The episode featured in the video, "Foo's Panic Room", is synced up to the original storyboard animatic and filled with fun facts from the creator, artists and production team!:

"Harvey Beaks" facts:

C.H. Greenblatt, the creator of "Harvey Beaks", conceived the idea of Furberries: a berry purely made of hair. Greenblatt thought it would be funny if Foo is the only one who enjoys them.

Greenblatt wanted to use original photography for the titles. By showcasing our natural world, it gives real texture and placement to Harvey's world - one not that different from our own. It reminds us that all sorts of magical things take place right outside our window!

Be on the lookout for lots of friendly critters throughout Bigbark Woods, they pop up from time to time in the series.

An early inspiration for Piri Piri's character was musician and artist, Björk.

Foo's character is a bit like a Puppy. He goes by instinct. He typically acts without thinking, and he's easily distractable.

Anytime Fee and Foo are forced apart from one another, they do whatever it takes to get back with their sibling.

Dade is voiced by C.H. Greenblatt. He also voices other characters in the show, including the soft and friendly Jeremy.

An early version of "Foo's Panic Room" involved the kids "walking" to Farbark to face a tribe of Furberry eating creatures, played by Kratz. It later played to the singular witch, played by Princess, of course.

Writer Kevin Kramer also found radio plays to be captivating. The idea that Harvey and friends put on a "play" for Foo (who listens and uses his imagination to bring the story to life) seemed fitting for this tale.

The crew thought it would be funny if each of Foo's friends played exaggerated versions of themselves: Fee likes punching, so the team gave her 10 arms!

The simplicity of the kids taking Foo on a "journey" whilst staying close to home resonated with the crew: the notion that children have boundless imaginations that can send them on a quest miles away.

An earlier version of "Foo's Panic Room" also had Foo "duck inside a cave" at one point (a barrel on its side).

This is the second time the Squirrels have appeared in the series. The first was in the series premiere episode "A Tail of Les Squirrels".

Any plan involving Princess will most likely veer off on a different course, taking the rest of the kids by surprise. This means that Harvey and friends sometimes think on their feet to fix the problem.

In true Squirrel Mafia fashion, the Squirrels want what is inside the box, even though they have no idea what's inside.

The weapon of choice for the Squirrel: Acorns!

Foo will also choose his friends over anything... even his beloved Furberries.

Look out for the Squirrel to appear in upcoming episodes!

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