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New 'Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl' Update Adds Free Alternate Costumes for the Entire Roster of Characters

It also includes an extensive balance patch and bug fixes.

A new patch for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is now live, bringing some major changes to the game, including the addition of alternate costumes (or "skins") for all characters on the roster right now. 

One of the biggest requests from fans since the launch of NASB in October was for the developers to include some form of alternate cosmetic options for the cast. And while Super Smash Bros. mostly uses alternate colors, the NASB community was hoping to see the iconic cartoon characters in referential costumes or outfits from their respective shows.

Now, Ludosity and Fair Play Labs have delivered on that hope, adding new alternate costumes for the entire roster—with all of it coming at no extra cost.

The aptly named “Super DLC 3,000” is free to download, adding 20 unique costumes to the game. This includes SpongeBob SquarePants wearing his  “#1” Soda Drink hat previously owned by Smitty Werbenj√§germanjensen in SpongeBob SquarePants’ third season, Invader Zim in his human-eyes disguise - they've also given him his proper eye contacts, which weren't present in the leak - and both Michelangelo and Leonardo going retro with classic black and white Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book looks. Other standout outfits include Yakmas Ren and Stimpy, Danny Phantom before he was turned into a ghost (i.e. Danny Fenton), the original colour scheme for Powdered Toast Man, and Patrick in a cowboy hat.

Thaddeus Crews, a prolific developer at Ludosity, took to Twitter to celebrate the DLC’s release, but also declared that adding only one costume per character wasn’t ideal. “[It’s] kind of embarrassing, in fact,” Crews said. The developer went on to say that he hopes this issue could be addressed at a later date, implying the developer would like to add more alternate costumes in the future, given the chance.

Overall, the patch adds multiple general changes to help improve the game too, including full separation for certain hitboxes across the game’s roster, turnaround functionality being added for directional attacks using the second stick, and other changes to limit specific input issues. New D-pad fixes for Xbox and PlayStation systems were also included.

But the bulk of the patch balances out the roster with some gameplay adjustments, which feature a heavily reworked Korra that received tons of buffs and some sizable changes for Helga and April O’Neil.

Ludosity announced last month that alternate costumes were coming soon. During the announcement, Crews lightly touched on why the game didn’t ship with them at launch, stating that working on licensed games is rarely ever an easy endeavor.

This patch is available to download on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, with a release coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

The DLC arriving late on the Switch seems to be the standard for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. The Switch typically lags behind other platforms when it comes to updates, which has resulted in Switch tournaments using older versions of the game.

Check out the full patch notes below:

Update 12-02-2021


• After many requests for alternate looks for characters in the game, we are happy to announce that alt costumes have been added for all characters!

• Separated hitboxes across the cast to allow for proper interpolation

• Fixed an issue with the second stick that caused the wrong type of attack to come out the first few frames of entering/leaving the ground

• Added turnaround functionality to up and down attacks when using second stick

• Fixed an issue that caused some matches to suffer FPS drops.

• Fixed an issue that prevented users from joining multiplayer matches through invites when watching replays.


• Korra

- Light Neutral 1
-- Added grounded hitbox for jab resets

- Light Down 1
-- Decreased Korra’s Light Down 1 end lag time
--- Attack to Idle frame (25 → 20)
-- Increased Korra’s Light Down 1 hitstun time
--- Hitstun frames (15 → 20)
-- Decreased Korra’s Light Down 1 knockback
--- Knockback (40 → 30)

- Light Down 2
-- Increased Korra’s Light Down 2 foot hitbox size
--- Hitbox radius (0.9 → 1.1)

- Strong Down
-- Korra’s Strong Down hitboxes appear sooner now
--- Hitbox start frame (14 → 12)

- Strong Dash
-- Korra’s Strong Dash hitboxes appear sooner now
--- Hitbox start frame (16 → 10)

- Light Dash
-- Korra’s Light Dash now jumps over opponent instead of getting stuck

- Neutral Special
-- Increased Korra’s Neutral Special blocking stun and push distance
--- Block stun (10 → 20)
--- Block push (1 → 6)

- Up Special
-- Fixed Korra’s charged Up Special missing hitboxes at the start
--- Hitbox start frame (16 → 6)
-- Increased Korra’s Up Special hitstun
--- Hitstun (30 → 35)

- Down Special
-- Increased Korra’s grounded Down Special hitstun
--- Hitstun (30 → 35)

- Light Neutral Air
-- Increased Korra’s Light Neutral Air’s hitbox size
--- Radius (0.85 → 0.9)
--- World offset X (-1.1 → -1.2)
--- World offset 2nd X (1.1 → 1.2)

• Helga

- Light Down Air
-- Increased active frames (2 → 3)
-- Added hitboxes to hips

- Special Mid
-- Decreased initial startup time (14 → 7)
-- Increased speed for changing angles
-- Increased overall angle coverage (50° → 80°)
-- Decreased endlag after firing (17, 37, 57 → 17, 25, 33)
-- Increased travel distance cap (20 units → 40 units)
-- Increased travel time cap (70 seconds → 100 seconds)

- Special Up
-- Fixed regression where special fall no longer transitioned to regular fall after 60 frames

• Leonardo

- Universal
-- Removed sword moves’ shoulder hitboxes (excluding Special Up)
-- Ensured tippers have lowest priority

• Lucy Loud

- Special Mid
-- Fixed bug where stance change was possible without damaging an opponent (ie: hitting someone blocking or invincible)

• April O’Neil

- Universal
-- Fixed bug where moves could gain ratings without damaging an opponent (ie: hitting someone blocking or invincible)
- Light Mid
-- Removed all body/leg hitboxes
-- Added grounded hitbox for jab resets

- Light Down
-- Increased endlag (26 → 32)
-- Increased overall horizontal coverage

- Strong Mid
-- Removed back 2 hitboxes from Mic (less likely to cause back-attacks)

- Strong Mid Air
-- Removed back 2 hitboxes from Mic (less likely to cause back-attacks)

• Oblina

- Down Special
-- Fixed regression where the sludge could be reflected on the ground

• Toph

- Light Mid Air
-- Set hitboxes to fixed point in front of Toph
-- Increased active frames (2 → 4)

• Zim
- Light Mid Airlist
-- Increased active frames (2 → 6)

• Nigel Thornberry

- Down Special
-- Increased base knockback (200 → 220)
-- Increased knockback gain (300 → 340)

- Up Special
-- Increased jump height (12 units → 12.5 units)
-- Landing on an opponent & dealing damage will make the move jump cancelable if still airborne, even if all midair jumps are exhausted

We've known that alternate outfits are coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl ever since the game launched. Dataminers looked into the game's code and found all of the alternate costumes that were in development.

This leak has been proven by this trailer, with no changes made to the outfits beyond some minor improvements, like Zim's eyes. This makes it even more likely that Garfield and Shredder are the first two characters being added to the game post-launch, which was also found in the game's code alongside the alternate outfits.

Originally published: October 18, 2021.

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