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Nickelodeon's WARPED! Cast Interviews - Anton Starkman, Kate Godfrey, Ariana Molkara, Chris Martinez | CelebSecretsTV

Nickelodeon's WARPED! Cast Interviews - Anton Starkman, Kate Godfrey, Ariana Molkara, Chris Martinez | CelebSecretsTV

Celeb Secrets reporter Gracie Lowes chats with the cast of Nickelodeon's new series Warped! -- Anton Starkman, Kate Godfrey, Ariana Molkara and Chris Martinez -- to learn more about their show, which airs every Thursday at 7:30PM ET/PT.

The Cast of Nickelodeon’s New Series “Warped!” Talk About Filming, On Set Memories and More (Exclusive)

Celeb Secrets sits down with Anton, Kate, Ariana and Chris to learn more about the new series.

Nickelodeon is kicking off the new year with its new original series Warped!

The first two episodes are available now on Nickelodeon, FuboTV and Hulu, with new episodes set to premiere on February 10 at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

Warped! follows Milo (Anton Starkman), the beloved head geek at a popular strip-mall comic book shop, Warped!, finds his world disrupted when his boss hires a new employee. With the quirky and excitable Ruby (Kate Godfrey) now on the payroll, the two form an unlikely alliance to create the world’s greatest graphic novel.

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Joining them in their adventures are Darby (Ariana Molkara), a smart and fashion-forward friend who is always there to lend a hand, and Hurley (Christopher Martinez), a neighboring pizza shop employee who spends his time coming up with brilliant culinary creations.

When asked what the cast hopes fans take from the new series, Ariana Molkara shared with Celeb Secrets that she hopes viewers feel the story of acceptance and message that different is awesome.

“What I love about our show is that Warped! world is a little mini example of what our whole world should look like: accepting and appreciating each other’s differences,” Molkara tells reporter Gracie Lowes on a Zoom call. “I love that our show celebrates our own quirks and idiosyncrasies and the things that make us different … I hope that kids when they’re watching our show they really feel that sort of acceptance and self-affirmation and that message that different is awesome and Geek is awesome.”

Besides filming Warped!, the cast was quick to share their love for Nickelodeon both now… and growing up. When asked what shows the cast used to love and look up to, with answers like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, Drake & Josh, Victorious and more, but Kate Godfrey was quick to voice her love for a certain series.

“Growing up I was Dora the Explorer,” Godfrey shared. “I had her hair cut, her bangs, my walls were purple, my bed sheets had Dora on them, every birthday party was Dora themed, I spent my childhood in a little Dora tent from Target, I was Dora. But then when I got older I probably watched iCarly more.”

Celeb Secrets sat down with cast members Anton Starkman (Milo), Kate Godfrey (Ruby), Ariana Molkara (Darby), and Christopher Martinez (Hurley) to learn more about bringing their characters to life, what fans can expect from the show, and some of their own favorite memories that fans wouldn’t know. You can watch the video [above] for more!


From Los Angeles TimesHS Insider.

Q&A: Meet the cast of Nickelodeon’s newest series ‘Warped!’

The cast of "Warped!" share their thoughts on their characters and the new series.

Mia Dowdell, February 7, 2022

Redondo Union High School

To kick off 2022, Nickelodeon launches their new series, “Warped!”
Milo (Anton Starkman), a beloved geek who works at a comic book shop, “Warped!,” is taken on a wild ride when his boss hires a new employee, according to the show’s press release. When the overzealous Ruby (Kate Godfrey) joins the shop’s staff, the two unite to create the world’s greatest graphic novel. 

Joining Milo and Ruby in their adventures are Darby (Ariana Molkara), a helpful and fashion-forward friend and Hurley (Christopher Martinez), a neighboring pizza shop employee whose brilliant culinary creations wow the crowd.

I spoke with the cast through email on their characters, the project itself, and their favorite lines from the season. 

Anton Starkman:

How similar are you and your character? 

I’m wildly similar to Milo! I love all things pop culture and comic books. I love learning the most obscure and niche fun facts about comic book characters and their stories. Also, Milo and I both have amazing friends that we love and would do anything for. Funny enough Milo and I share a lot of the same friends especially after how close I’ve gotten with Kate, Chris, and Ariana. 

What made you want to work on this project?

The first thing was the script. I had never clicked with a character as quickly as I did with Milo; we are easily similar. Another thing that made me really want to join the show was the idea of how much I could learn from working on a sit-com. Working on a multi-camera sit-com has been like a college experience for me. I’ve never done any project quite like it. The pace of production is so much faster and the energy is so much higher. I love every second of it. 

What do you love most about the show? What makes it special? 

The two things that make our show so special are the sets and every person working on the show. The sets on our show are spectacular. They’re every nerd’s dream; they’re filled with action figures, comics, posters and so much more. What really makes it special are the people that are part of this show. From our loving prop department to our spectacular creative team, I have bonded with every single person I’ve met. One last thing that I love about the show is the fact that I get to grow as/with Milo. I’ve never gotten to be a character for this long so the idea of getting to grow as a person along with the character is just something special. 

What is something you think viewers will love about “Warped!”?

I mean…what’s not to love about “Warped!” Our adventures are exciting, the characters are hilarious, and it all takes place in a comic book shop. What more does anyone need? But for real, I think audiences are specifically going to love the friendship between all the characters and the wild adventures that happen in every episode.

What is your favorite line from your character this season? 

If I have to pick a favorite line of Milo’s I would have to go with a classic: “Welcome to Warped!” I love saying that line, every time I say it I feel like I’m not only welcoming people to the store, but to the show as a whole. I know, I know, not very creative, but trust me … it means everything to me. 

Kate Godfrey: 

How similar are you and your character? 

Ruby is like my alter ego. I wish I was brave enough to be as outgoing and sporadic as her. But I think Ruby and I share a similar sense of style — I love her wardrobe!

What made you want to work on this project?

When I was approached by Nickelodeon for “Warped!,” I instantly fell in love with Ruby’s character. She is funny, crazy and would be so much fun to be around. I also love the dynamic between Ruby and Milo (Anton Starkman) — they are complete opposites, and I think that’s what makes them such a great team. 

What do you love most about the show? What makes it special?

This show is special because there is something for everyone. It is based in a comic-book store, so it is perfect for superhero fanatics, but it is also great for pizza lovers, fashionistas, animal lovers, and really anyone who likes to have fun.

What is something you think viewers will love about “Warped!”? 

I think viewers will love the connection between Milo, Ruby, Darby, and Hurley. They are such a unique friend group that I think makes the show so entertaining to watch. The four of us are just as close in real life, so it makes going to work a lot of fun. 

What is your favorite line from your character this season?

In every episode, Ruby tells a story about her “friend Margo from back home.” Although they take the longest for me to memorize, they are probably my favorite lines because I think they say a lot about Ruby and her weird friend Margo. It reminds me a lot of my character Tammy TMI from “All That!”

Ariana Molkara:

How similar are you to your character?

I, too, am a proud member of the nerdom. Darby and I are both total dorks! I also have a passion for fashion and find great joy in styling. Our styles vary but I am obsessed with all of her outfits and cosplays. Something that audiences will see is that Darby tends to shock everyone in a hysterical way with her frankness. I’d say that I’m not as straightforward as she is. We’re both part of the comic book/superhero fandom, but I’ve got to admit that Darby’s knowledge of comics goes further than mine. Darby would crush a game of comic book trivia. This girl seriously knows her stuff!

What made you want to work on this project?

So many reasons! I’ve always wanted to do a comic book/sci-fi related project, so this was a dream show and bucket list role for me. When I first read the sides  and breakdown, I felt like I immediately connected with the material and the character. Comedy is really diverse in that every work is written in a specific voice and sometimes you understand one’s humor more than another. With Warped, it was very much that the writing and the comedy really spoke to me. It’s easy to bring the words to life when the writing and storyline is so strong. I really look up to our creators and executive producers Kevin Kopelow, Heath Seifert, and Kevin Kay; I grew up watching their work. It really was a no-brainer that I wanted to join the team.

What do you love most about the show? What makes it special?

There are so many reasons why I think the show is special, but one of the reasons that really stands out to me is the message that it sends to audiences. “Warped!” is a place where everyone is welcome no matter how different they are. What I love about our show is that it encourages viewers to embrace all of their quirks; all of the unique qualities that make them different.

Unfortunately, we’re living in a society where there is this constant pressure to “fit in” and fly with the flock, but our show normalizes individuality and makes it so that your differences are not something to be ashamed of or try to hide, but to embrace and take pride in. Geek is awesome! Different is beautiful!

My character, Darby, is so wonderfully unapologetic about her love of cosplaying and I love that. I hope that when watching “Warped!,” kids are empowered to let their truest selves shine through.

What is something you think viewers will love about “Warped!”?

I think there’s so much that viewers will love about “Warped!” The visuals on “Warped!” are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s packed with action, crazy messes, and amazing special effects. You’ll get to see some really cool costumes and a breathtaking set that’s filled with Nickelodeon easter eggs. I think comic book lovers will love this show, but I think you’ll love this show even if you’re not familiar with the comic book fandom. There’s something for everyone. The messages and themes are universal! It’s going to be a whole lot of fun and we can’t wait for everyone to join us on the crazy ride.

What is your favorite line from your character this season?

Without giving too much away, one of my favorite lines is “We’re not giving up on that llama!” I’m obsessed with llamas and a llama makes a special animal guest appearance in one episode. I was so excited! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out how the llama fits into the story. 

Christopher Martinez:

How similar are you and your character?

Hurley and I are similar in quite a few ways. Most of all, we both love to cook. I’m a huge pizza guy myself and will actually make pizza with my family quite often! We make the dough and the sauce from scratch and constantly try new things. We’re both into video games and we’re both tech geeks. I love tech gadgets of all sorts. Hurley has a huge heart and will usually go to great lengths to help his friends. It may not be the smartest idea but he’ll always try to figure something out. I like to believe that I have that same demeanor. I will always do whatever I can for the people I love, within reason of course.

What made you want to work on this project?

In order of importance, it’s Nickelodeon, it involves comics, it’s a sitcom and we’re in L.A!! We have the privilege of having such an amazing set. Everything you see on the set is real, the comics are legit, the memorabilia is real and getting to work on that set is surreal. It’s also interesting to point out how the amazing writers on our show create sub-universes within “Warped!” Not only are they writing a sitcom, they are also creating the narrative for a graphic novel that Ruby and Milo are trying to sell to the public! They create these great scenarios and cool characters that nobody has ever heard of. We were always excited to read the new scripts for each episode.

What do you love most about the show? What makes it special?

Between the cast and crew we’ve created a close knit family and it’s such an honor to work with all of them. We’ve all given it our best these past few months. We want our audience to feel like what they’re watching really comes from the heart. The four of us are best friends in real life and hopefully that shines through! I feel like I’ve known these peeps since I was a little kid, even though I really met them in 2020! It became a habit to go out to eat on Fridays after filming, and those are some of the greatest memories from season 1 for me!

What is something you think viewers will love about “Warped!”?

So many messy moments! In true Nickelodeon style, they will see many instances in which at least one person gets covered in some crazy substance. There were also quite a  few scenes that used very cool special effects. This is a show for everyone to watch, both kids and adults. We hope families have just as much fun watching it as we did filming it!

What is your favorite line from your character this season?

“HEYYOO!” is Hurley’s entrance line whenever he comes into a room. If you hear that phrase, run. It usually means he just came up with an invention that will for sure do something you won’t believe. I love that line because it really sums up Hurley and all the energy that is stored up within him. A simple “Heyo” is his way of bringing his personality into the conversation.


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Originally published: February 01, 2022.

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