Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nickelodeon Germany Picks Up Rights To First Series Of Zodiak Kids' Animated Comedy Show "Rekkit Rabbit"

According to this Nickelodeon News article on C21Media, Nickelodeon Germany (also known as Nickelodeon Deutschland) has picked up the rights to series one (season one) of Zodiak Kids' animated comedy series "Rekkit Rabbit", which is a cartoon comedy about a normal twelve-year old boy called Jay Shmufton and his friend... an eccentric ten-foot tall magical rabbit called Rekkit:
European nets hop on Rekkit Rabbit

NEWS BRIEF: Networks in Germany, Spain and Italy have acquired Zodiak Kids’ toon comedy Rekkit Rabbit.

The Zodiak-owned Marathon Media series will broadcast on Nickelodeon (Germany, season one), TV3 and ETB (Spain (s1-2) and K2 (s1-2). The comedy launched on France’s TF1 last spring.

C21 reporter
Also, from Kidscreen:
Zodiak lands new sales for Rekkit Rabbit

Sales for the Zodiak Kids-owned Marathon Media-produced comedic toon Rekkit Rabbit keep hopping with a string of new broadcast deals.

Nickelodeon Germany scooped up season one. TV3 (Spain), ETB (Spain) and K2 (Italy), meanwhile, will premiere the show in June and have acquired season one and two.

The series, originally produced for TF1 and Disney XD Europe, follows the zany adventures of 12-year old Jay and his friend who happens to be a 10-foot tall magical rabbit.

The total run of the Vincent Chalvon Demersay and David Michel-created series (26 x 13 minutes) reached 104 episodes last fall after Zodiak/Marathon produced a third season for TF1 and Disney XD Europe.
Also, from C21Media Screenings' show page for "Rekkit Rabbit", where you can also view a streaming video clip of "Rekkit Rabbit" (you will need to register for a free membership to C21Media to view the "Rekkit Rabbit" video):
Rekkit Rabbit

From Zodiak Rights

A cartoon comedy about a normal twelve-year old boy and his friend... an eccentric ten-foot tall magical rabbit.


Producer: Marathon Media for TF1 and Jetix Europe

Demographics: 5-12 (Tween)

Rekkit Rabbit
Zodiak Rights
278 x 13’ (HD)

What would you do if an over-the-top giant rabbit burst into your life? Jay Shmufton was a typical 12 year-old until he met Rekkit, a 10-foot tall eccentric rabbit. Rekkit Rabbit ran away from his job as a magician’s assistant in Chakabrak, and crashed into our world... and Jays life! Now the boy has to cope with his new super-enthusiastic, supernatural, super-clingy friend, whose unreliable magic is going to get this odd couple into the craziest situations. Rekkit Rabbit is a mass appeal cartoon comedy with a very wacky edge. There's no knowing what's going to happen when you've got a rabbit that sleepeats his friends, sneezes Scottish hamsters and can’t seem to get a spell right – but it’s going to be fun finding out!

A pure cartoon comedy from the people that brought you the smash hit Totally Spies!

Helmed by head writers Reid Harrisson (The Simpsons, George Of The Jungle) and Mitch Watson (Scooby Doo)

The launch of Rekkit Rabbit on TF1 France returned excellent ratings of 23%, 4-10 share and 700 000 viewers. No.1 youth program of Wednesday mornings

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