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The Stars of "Ride" Dishes On Their Dream Nickelodeon Crossover Episodes

Nickelodeon fans know that some of the best episodes to ever hit the network are the exciting and imaginative crossover episodes that combine several of our faves into one action-packed show. So naturally, when TWIST caught up with the actors in the new series Ride, they challenged them to come up with their best dream episode plot lines!

Since the fictional equestrian boarding school Covington Academy in which Ride takes place is pretty strict and proper, it's fun to imagine characters like SpongeBob SquarePants or Cat Valentine from Victorious paying a visit!

Scroll through the gallery to see what each actor had to say about their dream crossovers, and let NickALive! know which you'd love to see happen in real life by commenting below!:

Rameet Rauli (Anya)

"We could have some superhero action going on with The Thundermans... But if I had to choose just one I think Victorious would be a good one," Rameet says for her dream crossover episodes. "They could bring some song and dance to Covington. I think Anya would be good friends with Cat and then maybe there would be some jealousy from Kit in the form of a ballad. Perhaps they end it with a song with horses."

That sounds incredible – but she has another amazing potential plot line brewing up too.

"I would love to see Kel from Kenan and Kel come to visit Covington," she spills. "It would be race day of course and because everyone is getting ready for the race Kel offers to look after the horses. He gets distracted by some sheep out on the hills and goes to explore. He gets into a trance following the sounds of the sheep and forgets to lock the horses in. TK being so adventurous gets out. Panic! Kel comes back and discovers TK has escaped and runs to find help. He finds Anya and asks her to help. Trying to keep Lady C unaware of this, Anya borrows money from the royal family to give to Kel to try and get another horse for the race. So they have time to look for TK. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief until they discover Kel has returned with a llama, saying we would get extra points for having a unique looking horse and standing out from the rest."

Alana Boden (Elaine)

Alana says she'd love to do a crossover with Instant Mom.

"I think it's a great show," she says. "If they were to come to Covington for the day, I think it would be a real blast! Also I would love to see how Lady C would react!"

"Cat from Victorious kind of reminds me of Peaches so I think it would make a cool episode [too]," she adds. "Who knows what they would get up to, but I’m sure it would be really fun!"

Manuel Pacific (Nav)

Manuel has a ton of ideas for fun Nickelodeon crossovers.

"School of Rock musical episode? Or The Thundermans maybe?" he suggests. "It would be cool to have a bit of superpowers and acrobatics too, maybe whilst on horseback? Professional vaulting with a superpower twist! Just riffing here... the possibilities are endless!"

But he has a great story in mind for if SpongeBob were ever to pay the academy a visit.

"SpongeBob arrives on his seahorse and is ready to compete in the league gala, except he rides Western," he explains. "So we might have to give him a few tips for English riding and eventing. Never mind the fact that none of this happens in the sea at all, Covington is a magical place. LOL."

Oliver Dench (Will)

Oliver says he'd love to see a Hey Arnold! crossover happen.

"I want to know what I would look like if I entered their funky universe," he says. "Would my head be elongated at the sides like Arnold? Would I have a sweet unibrow like Helga? I just don't know."

"Keeping with the thread, [I'd love to see] Squidward [visit Covington]. Because I want to count his arms," he jokes. "Squids have ten appendages (including their two longer tentacles and their eight legs). Squidward has four legs and two arms. Where are his other four appendages?!"

Jonny Gray (Josh)

Which show would Jonny love to see do a Ride crossover? "iCarly," he says. "Because their cast is hysterical.. It used to be my favorite show."

But he'd also love to see what another throwback Nickelodeon character would get up to at Covington.

"Ned from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide [could] write a new survival guide but for Covington Academy specifically," he says.

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