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Drake & Josh Reunite to Sing Drake Bell's New Song 'Fuego Lento' and Learn Spanish

Press pause on your GameSphere (GAMESPHERE!) and put down the can of Moca Cola, because your two faves reunited and sang together. TOGETHER!

Update (2/20): Drake Bell and Josh Peck treated fans to another reunion, this time to take a look down memory lane!:


From Amanda Show all the way to adulthood, Drake and I take a power walk down memory lane and revisit everything cringey we've ever done. Discomfort never looked this cute!

Original post:

Drake & Josh stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck filmed a nice video together that Drake shared on Instagram Saturday (February 2). Drake - who's wearing a '90s Nickelodeon tee featuring many iconic Nick characters, including from Hey Arnold! and Rugrats - teaches Josh some of the Spanish lyrics on his new song, "Fuego Lento." (The music video is NSFW (that's Not Safe for Work, not Nick Shows Were Freakin' Weird).)

In the vid, Josh shares he knows "un poquito" (a little) Spanish, but then hilariously messes up "library" in Spanish. It's biblioteca, but he calls it "lavanderia," which is Spanish for laundry.

During his tutorial, Josh ends up sounding more Italian than Hispanic. The brothas just run with it and start goofing off like in their Nickelodeon days. What a time to be alive!

Back in October 2018, Drake told Billboard he wanted to sing in Spanish for his fans in Latin America: "I have to sing in Spanish for the fans down there. It's been too long -- they've been so loyal to me, and I haven't given them anything in their language." Thus, "Fuego Lento" was born.

It's too bad none of the words from Drake's Mexican robot Roberto Roboto on "The Drake & Josh Inn" episode of Drake & Josh are in "Fuego Lento." Josh would've gotten those correct on the first try.


BTW, did you know that we've been singing the wrong lyrics to the Drake & Josh theme song this entire time?!

Yep, that's right. According to Alternative Press, it's not entirely our fault that we've been singing the wrong words. Most places actually have the incorrect lyrics when you try to look them up.

A lot of fans think the lyric is "it's gonna take some time to realize." While these lyrics might seem right, Drake actually spoke out about lyrics during a concert in 2017.

"If you're gonna sing along, you have to sing the right words," he told the crowd. "It's gonna take some time to realign. Not realize. Cause that doesn't rhyme. Realize doesn't rhyme with anything in the song. Think about it."

Now that we think about it, his reason does make sense, although a lot of childhoods have basically been a lie until now.

Update (2/26) - Drake Bell Talks 'Fuego Lento,' Possible 'Josh' Reunion

We all got to know Drake Bell as a Nickelodeon star, showing off both his acting and musical talents. Now the performer is out with a hot new single that has an even spicier music video. He stopped by Cheddar to dish on inspiration for the new song, where his relationship stands with former co-star Josh Peck, and what celebrity shares the more entertaining Instagram Stories. Watch the interview here on Cheddar.com!


From ET:

'Drake & Josh': Drake Bell on the Possibility of a Reboot:

ET's Katie Krause talked with the former Nickelodeon star at the 2019 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on Feb. 15, where he also spoke about former co-star Amanda Bynes.


Also, from Hollywood Life:

Drake Bell Reveals He’d Love A ‘Drake & Josh’ Reboot: ‘I’d Go Back In A Second’

In a time of many TV series reboots and reunions, Drake Bell revealed to HollywoodLife that he’d love to get the ‘Drake & Josh’ gang back together!

Who wants to hear Josh Peck and Drake Bell yell ‘MEGHAN!’ one more time? We do! Drake joined the HollywoodLife podcast to talk about his music and ongoing projects, and he also opened up about the possibility of a Drake & Josh reunion! “I loved it, and it was a great time. Yeah, I was going through my adolescence and my teen years and, obviously, there were times on the show when I was dealing with everything that a teenager deals with, and yeah, it was kind of difficult to get up early in the morning and have the responsibility of an entire cast and crew, and everybody… there were our ups and downs about it, but man, I’d go back in a second,” Drake revealed on the podcast. “There was something special about the show. I am in touch with everybody on the show!”

Uh, do you hear that Nickelodeon? Get on this fast! Drake went on to talk about his song “Fuego Lento,” which he just teased on his IG with his on-screen bro Josh. “What’s such a bummer is whenever you get me and Josh together, we just start rolling off of each other. We just start riffing, you know?” Drake laughed. “So, I was like, ‘Okay, can you shoot this? We’re just gonna sing this song in Spanish really quick.’ But then we start going, and we’re riffing for three and a half, four minutes, and it’s so funny.”

Drake’s song is not only a jam, but also a tribute to his super dedicated Latinx fans! “I’d been going down to Central and South America throughout the years, and performing and playing and releasing more music, and basically every time I play live, I try to do a song in Spanish or I try to talk to them in Spanish and do my show in Spanish, and they would just love it,” he explained. “Once we did it, we did it all in English, and the song was really fire, I was like, ‘We’ve got to do something in Spanish’…then we did part of the chorus in Spanish, and it was the coolest thing I’d ever heard.” Not to mention the music video is… spicy! Listen to the full interview here!


Original source: Seventeen (II); Additional source: Buzz.ie.
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