Wednesday, June 23, 2021

'Rugrats' Fans Surprised to Learn Stu & Didi's Real Ages

Fans have been left shaken up after discovering the ages of Tommy's parents in the Rugrats.

The popular animated series originally aired on Nickelodeon from 1991 until 2003, although re-runs were common right throughout the 00s and beyond. The show also had three movies, as well as a few spin-off shows, and recently returned as a CG-animated series on Paramount+.

Whether you watched it yourself or had others in your life who did, you'll probably be familiar with a lot of the characters, who became popular characters for toys, posters and so on.

Two such characters were, of course, Stu and Didi Pickles, the parents of Tommy, the titular baby in the Rugrats. They recently went viral online after fans discovered how old the characters were supposed to be.

When the series premiered in August 1991, Didi was 32 and Stu was 33. Didi's age was revealed in a series 6 episode called "Junior prom" that aired in April 1999. The episode reveals Didi attended her high school's Bicentennial themed junior prom at Swift High School.

The U.S. celebrated its 200th year as an independent nation in 1976, meaning Didi graduated from school the following year at age 18 in 1977 and making her year of birth 1959. She was therefore 32 when the show started in 1991.

For some reason, everyone seemed to think the couple were much older when, in fact, they were in their early 30s. The debate started when one Twitter user said "just found out stu and deedee pickles from rugrats were 33 and 32 and now I’m upset."

The post had many other people freaking out too.

One person questioned how Stu was "33 years old, doesn’t have a real job, but could afford this mansion."

Stu is a toy inventor, so stays at home building new toys in his basement, many of which Tommy gets to trial.

Another pointed out "That baby had them STRESSED!!!! He kept a screwdriver in his diaper, I'd look defeated too."

One fan commented "With kids that stay infants for a decade? Anyone would look old."

Other Twitter users decided to warn others not to to search for the Marge and Homer Simpson's real ages if they were still in shock after learning about Didi and Stu's age.

Are you surprised by their ages?

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