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'Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl' Announces Garfield As Game's First DLC Character

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is about to develop a love for lasagna and a hatred of Mondays, as the game's first free DLC character will be Garfield, the memetic orange cat originally created by Jim Davis!

Developer Ludosity released a trailer this morning showing some of Garfield's moves, which include a brief cameo by his teddy bear, Pooky. It shows off some of his new moves as he bounds about and engages the rest of All-Star Brawl's cast, making the famously lazy orange cat seem far more energetic than usual. The news was first reported by IGN.

Garfield joins a cast that includes Ren & Stimpy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and other Nickelodeon mainstays. While Garfield began life in a comic strip, he's most famous for his appearance in various television shows and primetime specials in the 1980s. Nickelodeon parent company Viacom acquired the rights to Garfield in 2019.

Garfield Showcase – Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl - GameMill Entertainment

Learn all about Garfield''s moves and mechanics from the developers behind Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Ludosity began teasing the reveal late last week. Many fans quickly guessed that it would be Garfield based on datamined info as well as tweets by developer Thaddeus Crews, who referenced a well-known Garfield meme in response to the announcement.

Ludosity previously revealed that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl would be adding two free DLC characters as well as several paid characters. This is on top of its existing roster of 20 playable characters. Last week, Nickelodeon All Star Brawl also released new costumes.

Update 12-09-2021 Patch Notes:


• Garfield joins the battle!

• Some people hosting tournaments were having issues with constantly having to press the spectate button as soon as a match finished, so that their audience could watch the match, so we implemented an auto spectate feature that should fix this problem for tournament organizers.

• Added the option to go back to the character select screen after a match is over.

• Fixed issue that caused second stick attacks to not come out as expected when trying to do a mid during a run animation

• Fixed issue where hit effects wouldn’t come out immediately after hitting an opponent, now hit effects will initialize and linger during hitstop as expected

• Fixed issue with Gir that made him get stuck in some walls or against another Gir.

• Added a message that clarifies when a match can’t be spectated once it has started.

• Balance:

- Universal

-- Cooldown implemented for dash attacks from dash attacks. Now once per dashing string a dash light can be canceled into a dash strong, or vice-versa; after this, attempting a dash attack input will instead send out their respective mid attack
-- Grab hitbox comes out sooner on ground (frame 8 → frame 7)
-- Grab hitbox comes out later in the air (frame 8 → frame 12)
-- Grab length increased in the air (30 → 40)
-- Characters can no longer be grabbed while downed
-- Tech roll distance increased (9 units → 11 units)
-- Ensured consistent roll distance across the cast for getups and techs
-- Throw Mid launch angle changed (20° → 35°)
-- Throw Up launch angle changed (60° → 75°)
-- Throw Down launch angle changed (350° → 15°)
-- Throw Down base knockback decreased (80 → 65)
-- Throw Down knockback gain increased (80 → 100)
-- Throw Air Mid launch angle changed (15° → 35°)
-- Throw Air Up launch angle changed (70° → 75°)
-- Throw Air Down launch angle changed (335° → 15°)
-- Throw Air Down base knockback decreased (120 → 100)
-- Throw Air Down knockback gain decreased (50 → 30)
-- DI window tightened (16° → 14°)

- SpongeBob
-- Down Strong Air
--- remove rainbow hitboxes
--- radius buff foot (0.95 → 1.1)
--- Local Y offset buff foot (0 → -0.15)
--- radius nerf knee (0.95 → 0.75)
--- radius nerf hip (0.95 → 0.65)

- Zim
-- Up Special
--- Bomb appears sooner (frame 22 → frame 13)
--- Transitions to special-fall sooner (frame 60 → frame 40)
--- Grabs edge sooner (frame 51 → frame 30)

- Lucy Loud
-- Light Down Air
--- Endlag increased (frame 20 → frame 22)

- Toph
-- Up Strong
--- Can now keep move charging with second stick

Garfield will be available free on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation on December 9. The Switch version of the character will be available later this month.

Originally published: December 07, 2021 at 19:12 GMT.

Additional source: EventHubs.

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